The KAST way forward with Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Manchester

There is a huge demand for Manchester to meet the 2038 carbon target set by Andy Burnham. With only 7 years left to tackle the global climate crisis, Heat Pumps are a great way to reduce CO2 emissions. We help we must act now.

Our main focus at KAST is how to reduce commercial and residential CO2 emissions and meeting energy demands. As Burnham’s target is only 18 years away, there is no better time for KAST to step in and guide customers to install the best renewable technologies.  KAST’s products are designed to save customers money off their energy bills as well as lowering CO2 emissions across the UK.

Air source heat pumps are the newest renewable energy product that customers are using as a replacement for gas boilers. As a they use very little energy to run, the efficiency of the pump can run up to 400% efficiency.

Working when the heat pump is placed on side or back of a building or house. The fan within the device extracts heat from the outside air, which increases the temperature using compressed gases (like a fridge). And this is how your house is heated. Despite the winter air occasionally sitting lower than zero degrees, the heat pump is still able to take heat from the air and warm your home.

Air -to-water

Air to water heat pumps are usually best installed as underfloor heating or larger scale radiators. This type of air pump is used to circulate heat from the central heating system in your home. This is perfect for heating in areas such as kitchens or bathrooms due to tiling.


Air to water heat pumps take a different installation process as they require a warm air circulation system. This is so the pump can distribute the air around the home making it warm and energy efficient.

Why install an ASHP?

Both pumps are suited to be used in residential and commercial properties. They’re a perfect way to save money on energy bills, and help Manchester achieve the carbon target of 2038. Return on investment is also something to consider when installing renewable energy products. In regard to heat pumps, you could receive all your money back in 5-7 years. Schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive enables homeowners to apply for a grant to help cover cost of product installation.

Learn more about KAST’s heat pumps here.

Receive a Government Grant of up to £10,000 to install an Air Source Heat Pump in Your Home

If you’re a homeowner or residential landlord you can apply for a Green Homes Grant voucher towards the cost of installing energy efficient improvements to your home. Find out more information here

By Millie Leovold