Will Manchester Tackle Its CO2 Target And Help Climate Change

Tackling climate change is one of Manchester’s biggest commitments to date. The urgency to improve quality of life and reverse climate damage is like never before. The aim for Manchester becoming carbon neutral by 2038 very much in sight. Due to the ongoing uncertainty of Covid-19, The Greater Manchester Green Summit 2020 took place online. Exploring areas such as climate change resilience and building back better.

KAST attend previous Summits

KAST Energy have taken part in the previous two Green Summits in hopes of educating and learning about Manchester’s goals to becoming carbon neutral. From attending these Summits, KAST have been encouraged to expand on creation, innovation and projects. Becoming the worlds first company at the Isle of Man TT to power an electric race bike purely by solar power technology.

The summit covered topics such as retrofitting and its importance in Manchester’s process of going green by 2038. Further discussions continued into how fabrics and energy systems in homes can be improved through retrofitting. For instance, switching a gas boiler for an air source heat pump can result in a 50% energy saving. There were also talks on the steps on how the Green Homes Grant enables homeowners to improve energy efficiency through retrofitting.

Zero Carbon Hydrogen futures

Other discussions explained the increasing demand for the use of hydrogen and why it will be the future of green energy use. The world is 75% hydrogen, there is no hiding why this source of renewable energy will play a big part in the future of renewables. Especially for a company like KAST.

On Thursday’s summit session, the talks of green energy jobs emerged. The rise of demand for renewable energy technologies will mean more individuals are needed for installation purposes. Organisations such as the GMCA are working with the Retrofit Accelerator Group. The RAG group creates projects that enable those with no to little experience in construction to build relevant low carbon skills. There were talks of taster sessions to enable the unemployed or young adults to get an idea of what retrofitting would entail. Alongside talks of apprenticeship level jobs with the inclusion of the Government’s kick start scheme.

How can KAST help your business

As the Green Summit 2020 came to a close, we asked ourselves an important question here at KAST. What can we do to help Manchester achieve their carbon Neutral goals? Well…

For us, it is not just about installing a product in your home or business. We take all low carbon aspects into consideration when trying to find the right products for residential and commercial purpose. We provide feasibility studies to educate customers on the cost and efficiency of our products. How renewable energy can be affordable and effective. KAST really do care for the environment and encourage the citizens of Manchester to lead with the same outlook.

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By MIllie Leavold