KAST Renewable Energy

Specialist renewable technology group based in Manchester. We specialise in installing solar panels for commercial customers all over the North West.

Take control of the energy you use.

We employ cutting-edge technologies to minimise your business's carbon footprint and offer a cost-effective energy solution.

KAST is a Renewable Energy Technologies Group based in Manchester. We help all of our customers reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. 

Producing feasibility studies, energy reduction plans, project management and supply a wide range of sectors including Commercial, Industrial and Public Sector properties. As a result of our expertise, we deliver strategies to improve knowledge and gain an understanding of how and when your energy is used.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of proven and emerging energy-reducing technologies.

Commercial properties will enjoy great energy security with less reliance on the National Grid. They’ll be able to generate clean power with zero carbon emissions. And they will look forward to lower or even zero bills ― with the added bonus to earn income by avoiding high Grid costs at times of peak demand.

Sectors we work in

Saving Energy - Saving Money - Saving CO2

Our Low Carbon & Renewable Technologies

Air Source
Heat Pumps

Save on heating and hot water costs throughout the year.

Solar PV & Battery Storage

Produce and store your own electricity and use it when you need.

Electric Vehicle Charging (EV)

Workplace & Commercial EV Charging.


KAST Consulting.


Summer Cooling and Winter heating energy savings all year round.


Reduce Voltage. Improve Safety and Reduce Energy Costs.

Remote Energy Monitoring

Multisite Energy Monitoring, Measure then Manage.


Energy Efficient Lighting.

Renewable Energy Installers Greater Manchester

Low Carbon & Renewable Technology

Advising Greater Manchester and its surrounding area’s about Low Carbon and Renewable technology, CO2 and Energy savings are our priority. Our extensive knowledge of energy saving technologies provide the maximum energy reductions that can be achieved on commercial properties. We ensure you receive and understand the most cost effective way of reducing your business energy and increase sustainability.

For Business Owners

If you’re a business owner or simply looking to reduce your business energy spend, the team at KAST Renewable Energies is here to help you make the most of the latest developments in Renewable Technologies like, Solar Panels, Energy Storage, Voltage Optimisation, Destratification, Energy Monitoring, Air Source Heat Pump, LED Lighting and Electric Vehicle Charging. Thanks to the latest advances in Renewable and Low Carbon Technologies, the electricity you generate or save your business will bring incredible financial returns and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.