A solar solution by KAST, Solar PV systems explained

Renewable energy is significant in Manchester’s process to become Carbon Neutral. In such an uncertain time, saving money is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Investing in renewable energy could be a starting point for your household or your business. Solar PV is arguably the most obvious renewable energy to help homes and businesses become more energy efficient in Manchester. Solar is one of many ways you can improve your renewable energy use. As energy bills become increasingly more expensive, there is no time like the present to install Solar panels. As well as Solar PV Systems, Battery Storage is also an extra boost to your overall savings.

How Do Solar panels/PV Systems work?

Sun light shines directly onto the solar panel, creating a reaction with the solar cells. As a result of this, electric currents are created and solar energy is produced. Of course, the brighter the sunlight, the more energy can be produced. However, this does not mean solar PV is not efficient. Even though there is little sunshine across Greater Manchester, there is still the ability to generate electricity year round.

Why include battery storage?

When Manchester catches a glimpse of sunshine, the use of a battery storage will benefit customers. When a solar panel captures excess energy, battery storage is used to store the energy for later use. Typically, a battery is installed to store the energy not consumed and is a critical element to lowering energy bills. The excess energy can be used on a cloudy day when there is less natural light. As well as this, it can be sold to the grid to make profit. Selling electricity back to the grid is a great way to make profit from your Solar PV system.

KAST can support with the installation of solar PV systems on the roof of industrial buildings, warehouses and homes across Manchester. With 25 years of experience in low energy, advising customers comes at ease. We guide customers on the amount of solar needed and whether it is the right for you and suits your needs. Supported by feasibility studies, customers are able to see the potential energy savings and return on investment. KAST ensure customers understand the investment being made and the benefits to installation.

To get started with your transfer to renewable energy visit https://kast-energy.co.uk/ or contact us on 0161 427 9047.

For all things energy efficiency head to https://www.manchester.gov.uk/info/500017/energy_efficiency.