Is your office COVID secure?

Is your office COVID secure? 

With temperatures falling and the reopening of offices, schoolsgyms and restaurants across the country. The need for efficient indoor ventilation has become more important than ever due to recent coronavirus outbreaks. Especially as the numbers begin to rise.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provide clear guidance and the best solution for how to decrease the risks of getting and spreading COVID-19 indoors. Supported by products that may be helpful in determining airflow at indoor spaces as well as your home.

How does COVID spread indoors? 

Experts have explained that close contact indoors, without masks and proper ventilation is one way that COVID-19 spreads. A simulation created by Rainald Lohner, (at Centre for Computational Fluid Dynamics at George Mason University USA) showed how droplets from a sneeze can hang in the air of a classroom with poor ventilation. The risks shown in the simulation also applies to dining indoors, exercising at the gym and working in an office.

The  simulation below shows that wearing a mask makes a crucial difference, allowing fewer particles to escape into the air after a sneeze. With many people not knowing they are carrying COVID-19 the potential to spread the virus indoors is high. Lohner explains the probability of infection increases with the time that particles remain in the room. Along with explaining it also increases with the number of particles that you inhale. Both of these facts show the importance of proper air ventilation and how installing the KAST ElfoFresh system.

What to do to minimise infection indoors with KAST?

One effective option to improve air quality in indoor spaces is to introduce KAST Elfofresh Air Renewal and Purification System. This system is installed for consistently clean air, at the right temperature and the right level of humidity. At the same time, it recovers the energy contained in the exhaust air flow, multiplying it thanks to the heat pump technology. In this way, it reduces the fresh air load and supplies additional capacity, helping to maintain comfortable conditions.

The World Health Organisation states that indoor air pollution is responsible for approximately one death every 20 seconds worldwide. We spend 90% of our time indoors where numerous pollutants accumulate. Simply introducing untreated outdoor air to dilute indoor pollutants is not enough because of polluting agents present in outdoor air.

Ventilation system with mechanical filters also develop and release a certain quantity of toxic microbial substances. Mostly caused from decomposition, as well as endotoxins. The use of Electrostatic filters allows high antibacterial action and high efficiency on sub-micron particles.

How and what do the filters clean?

The electronic filters are effective on smoke, fine dust, bacteria and virus. Therefore, they ensure higher air-quality in the most polluted urban environments. The filtering efficiency is equivalent to the H10 classification used in traditional filters. Or in other words, the class identified as the “absolute filter”

The electrostatic filter originates an inactivation of contaminants. Unlike the mechanical filtration, which does not guarantee it and creates in the long run a collection of live contaminants that proliferate by creating germs colonies, exposing the environment and the maintenance man operator at a high risk of infection.

The filtration with electrostatic technology consists of a purification treatment system that allows the separation of the polluting substances, which can be either in the solid state (dust) and gaseous (oil vapours), from the incoming air flow.

Through a generated potential difference between the emission electrodes and those of collection. The system allows the separation of the pollutants from the gas, which flows through the electrodes. This way, the air suspend particles are electrically charged as a consequence of the generation of an electric field thanks to the emission electrodes.

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