What are Destratification Fans and how will they help my Business reduce its heating and cooling costs

At KAST-energy, we provide a wide range of services dedicated to reducing businesses’ energy bills and carbon footprint. One of our most popular energy-reducing technologies is destratification fans. Our destratification fans in Manchester are designed for commercial and industrial buildings and help businesses save on their energy bills while also being high Volume Low Speed.

But what exactly are destratification fans, and what benefits do they provide?

Destratification Fans and What They Do

Winter heating Destratification fans combat stratification. Stratification is when warm air rises and displaces cool air, pushing it down towards the ground. Destratification fans can positively affect the comfort levels of your employees. The combination of fresh air and stale air helps reduce poor air quality and has been linked to mitigating COVID-19 in the workplace. By installing a destratification fan in Manchester, the air within the building can equal from floor to ceiling. Thanks to destratification fans, you could save up to 50% on your businesses’ heating costs. However, losing warm air is also not eco-friendly or efficient from a cost perspective for your business.

Destratification fans are installed to fight against this costly and wasteful problem.

Our destratification fans in Manchester are perfectly suited for:

  • Industrial and Commercial
  • Agriculture
  • Fitness Centres
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Airport and Aircraft hangers
  • Shopping Centres

Benefits of destratification fans include:

Longer Product Lifespan

Destratification fans deal with the expected temperature differences you can find in ample space since warm air rising above cool air is a natural phenomenon. In addition, the High Volume Low-Speed fans provide a consistent building temperature by balancing both warm and cool air. As a result, this means that if your business works with products that can be damaged at high or low temperatures, destratification fans can prolong the lifespan of your products.

Cut Down Your Operating Costs

Heating a room, especially an ample space, can get expensive due to the heat escaping or the air being stratified. As a result, you would run the heater for an extended period or at higher temperatures, which will increase your businesses’ energy bill.

Thanks to destratification fans, the temperature of your workspace are more easily balanced, and you don’t have to overuse your heating system, which leads to energy savings. Another benefit is that your business doesn’t need to purchase a bigger heater than what you need, resulting in saving your business money both in the short and in the long run.

If you have a higher ceiling, your business will benefit more from destratification fans. The fans will regulate the air in your garage or warehouse and ensure cost savings of between 20% and 50%.

Winter Heating Energy Savings

A Winter Heating Destratification Fan helps reclaim trapped heat, and additional heat such as from people, machines, or solar gain can help reduce your energy bills further by over £1000. In addition, our destratification fans reduce run times and workloads required of heating and cooling systems, therefore reducing maintenance costs.

Summer Cooling

Increasing the destratification fan’s speed makes airflow more comfortable for workers. However, higher temperatures in a manufacturing facility during summer weather are directly linked to loss of production rates; therefore, profitability is lost.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Destratification fans can help reduce the fuel consumption caused by space heating systems. The fans help with this because they help with warm air displacement, which can be responsible for a lot of wasted heat. With these machines, you can reduce fuel consumption by 15%, as with our Powrmatic fans, suitable for warehouse heating.

Higher Levels of Comfort

Destratification fans help create more comfortable environments for workers because the temperature is more consistent. When using an HVLS fan, you do not have pockets of cold or warm air when they’re installed correctly. As a result, this means your staff can feel more comfortable as they work, which can lead to higher levels of productivity and their health can improve.

Quick and Easy To Install

Thanks to KAST’s professional team, you and your business can rest during the installation process. Destratification fans are easy to install, so we’ll aim to keep disruption to your operations to a minimum.

Other Benefits of Destratification Fans

Here are other benefits of installing a destratification fan in your workplace:

  • Reducing or eliminating condensation in the space
  • Cutting down HVAC maintenance costs
  • Balancing the temperature of your mezzanine levels
  • Quickly heating a space, even larger rooms or facilities
  • Eliminate issues like fogged glass or humidity on doors
  • Helping prevent mould and mildew in your workspace

Importance of Professional Installation

When your destratification fans are being installed by one of our professionals, a professional installation will help make the most of our HVLS fans. At KAST Energy, our professionals will evaluate your workplace, so we know how to efficiently place the fans, so air is optimally circulated. This means our professionals will consider your floor space and the dimensions of the building to find the best location.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that destratification fans can be noisy. However, when installed by a professional, you won’t have to worry about them disrupting your workspace. We at KAST Energy know how to install these machines best to prevent any issues while ensuring the fan’s efficiency.

If your business is looking to combat the problem of thermal stratification (rising heat) in the workplace, KAST has a range of destratification fans that balance temperatures inside your building. Our expert team in Manchester will quickly help you find the best solution for your business. If you have any questions, please contact us today.