Who is and what are KAST Energy Technologies?

KAST Energy Technologies – Who are you?
We are a distributor of low energy and renewable products

Why are you different?
Well, we don’t’ offer 100s of products and we don’t “shift boxes”

So what do you do?
Good question, we have hand picked 6 key products that are some of best and strongest technologies in the low energy and renewables industry.

How does that help me?
Because we have a core set of products, we are able to offer project support like no other distributor from initial conception through to commissioning.

If you’ve come this far, read how we came to be

Born from an installation background, KAST Energy is a company that takes great interest in what you and your clients businesses energy spending habits are. We are passionate about helping business’ and home owners reduce how much energy they are using. Armed with a suite of tried, tested and proven products we can help you deliver real savings across any industry and in any size of company or home. With the case studies to prove it, we would welcome the challenge.

With recent energy prices increasing by almost 11% in the last 12 months, just swapping your energy supplier isn’t enough anymore, you need to control, measure and reduce the amount of energy you consume long term. By engaging with us, you will start your energy consumption reduction journey. We will find out where your energy is being spent and how much of it could be saved using our technologies, don’t needlessly pay your energy bills assuming you can’t do anything about it, you can, and we can help.


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