Solar panels – What are the benefits to you as a business?

Solar panels, also known as Photo-Voltaic panels, can be an excellent
investment and an impactful way of doing your part for the environment. Using
microinverters, solar energy can be used to power your business or reduce your energy bills from the grid. But how can they benefit you specifically? This list should outline just a few of the benefits of solar panel installation in the UK.

Solar Panels – Saving you cash

Perhaps one of the most apparent factors convincing you to install solar panels
is reducing your energy bill. Solar panels can reduce your businesses energy
bills by up to 80%. So not only are you doing your part for the environment, but
you’re also saving a large amount of cash.
Microinverters mean that you can produce as much power as possible even
under less sunny circumstances if your business operates in the UK. They
prevent any parts of the panel covered in debris, shade, or even snow from
substantially affecting the general output of energy. Microinverters also allows
you to sell excess energy for credits to lower your monthly bills.

Easy upkeep

Despite misconceptions, Solar panels are relatively easy to care for. They
require little to no maintenance, except for the occasional clean. Alongside
simple regular services, solar panels can last up to 25 years or more on

Are you worried about aesthetics?

Many people think that solar panels can add a modern element to the visuals of
your business and love the way they look. However, they aren’t everybody’s cup
of tea visually. Luckily, there are many ways to introduce renewable energy to
your business without the traditional installation of solar panels on a flat roof.
Integrated solar panels are a much sleeker alternative. Integrated Solar Panels
are embedded into the surface of your roof. Their elegant appearance is often
mistaken for skylights. They are also more cost-effective as the surface area
they cover does not require roof tiles to support it, just surround it. You are
more likely to get approved for planning permission when selecting integrated
solar panels, too.
Ground solar panel installation is another option. If you have a big open garden
space, you may be eligible for ground solar panels which is an option if you
don’t want them on display on your roof. Or even setting up your own solar
farm as excess energy can be sold to turn over a profit.

Environmentally friendly

There are almost 500 Solar farms in the UK as of 2020. This number is
continually growing, and it’s not difficult to figure out why, Solar energy is
renewable. This means that it is essentially an unlimited source of energy. Our
alternative to renewable energy is fossil fuels, which are finite resources that are
very damaging to our environment to acquire and distribute. Renewable energy
is our future if we want to save our planet.
By making the switch to renewable energy, we can reduce pollution
considerably and help make a good impact on the environment. Solar panels, on
the whole, can reduce your carbon footprint by a whopping 80% a year.
Switching to solar panels will also add a unique selling point to your business,
and potential customers will be attracted to the steps you are taking to go green
with your company. According to J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, 70% of
customers are more interested in paying more if they know that the business
they are buying from is environmentally friendly.

Peace and Quiet

Solar panels don’t make any noise when generating energy, eliminating any
complaints from residential areas surrounding your business. This makes them a
great alternative to noisy generators that can be very harmful to the
In conclusion, solar panel installation can equally benefit you and the
environment and are worth the investment. Make the jump to solar energy and
guarantee the quality of life for future generations and cut down those energy