KAST Energy and Duffy Motorsport – TT Zero and MotoE Championship

KAST Energy and Duffy Motorsport join forces for TT and MotoE championship

KAST Energy and Duffy Motorsport have agreed an initiative to bring renewable energy powered racing to the racing paddocks of the UK and Europe. The collaboration will show the art of the possible with Duffy Motorsport and KAST Energy race entries being powered by energy generated locally to the races.

KAST Energy has expertise with Solar energy, energy storage and electric vehicle charging and will be developing the paddock charging system for the race entries, a solar array and energy storage system for the paddock will form the heart of the system that will harvest energy over the course of a race event.

Currently, power for the electric race bikes are provided by diesel generators or the grid system which burn fossil fuels, by providing energy for the bikes through a clean, renewable source of energy truly takes the emissions down to 0% for each race. The target for the system is to meet the team’s charging needs and improve the charge time by up to 66% during the season.

The coming together of the two businesses really shows the power of collaboration in electric racing world to move forwards with development and true zero carbon emissions racing.

More about KAST Energy Technologies
KAST Energy is a project focused distributor of Renewable and energy efficient low carbon technologies. Based in Manchester but with UK Coverage our focus is to educate and implement energy saving measures using our 6 core products in both the home and workplace. Reducing carbon production and greenhouse gases is at the heart of everything we need to accomplish. Joining Duffy Motorsport for the 2019 TT Zero and MotoE Championship was an easy choice. Kes Scott, the Managing Director of KAST Energy is an avid TT fan, Marshall and privateer sponsor.

More about Duffy Motorsport
Duffy Motorsport is a young business with a keen interest in the future technologies of racing and the wider applications. Although the first season of racing is just behind them the results where fantastic for an inaugural season with the team clocking a 6th place finish in the Isle of Man TT zero and taking 2nd overall in the MotoE championship. The team is led by Ryan Duffy who has 14 years of experience with building and modifying cars and motorbikes.
The Races:

Kast and Duffy Motorsport will be looking to take on the races around Europe including the famous Isle of Man TT, a 37.7-mile course that pushes the electric motorbike to its limits.

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