Reduce warehouse heating and cooling costs

What is a Destratification (HVLS) fan

Destratification fans are great air movement devices for large indoor spaces. Solving the problem of rising heat is essential to providing energy savings. Suspended from the ceiling of a commercial or industrial building.  Our fans achieve energy savings and provide a comfortable environment for occupants in the building. Each meter gained in height, temperature rises by between 1.2° C and 1.6° C, as a result a 10-meter-high building could have a 16° C difference between floor and ceiling. A huge waste of energy and money. Destratification fans in Manchester help reduce CO2.

How do destratification fans work

KAST’s range of destratification fans balance the temperature inside your building. Circulating and mixing the air between the highest and lowest points creates an even temperature distribution.

Winter Heating Energy Savings

Reclaiming trapped heat and additional heat from people, machines or solar gain can reduce your energy bills by £1000s. Our destratification fans reduce run times and workloads required of heating and cooling systems, therefore reducing maintenance costs.

Summer Cooling

A recent study completed by NASA shows the effect of over heating on the body. By increasing the speed of the fan, air flow becomes greater, consequently evaporative cooling or a cooling breeze flows over the skin. Higher temperatures within a manufacturing facility are directly linked to loss of production rates, therefore profitability is lost.

Why Choose KAST Destratification fans

HVLS fans continuously mix incoming fresh air with stale air, consequently improving the environment. No other air handling system does this more effectively. The slow-moving fans circulate huge amounts of air in a gentle, but highly effective way. Airborne contaminants such as smoke and fumes are pushed away from the floor, reducing the effects that poor air quality can have on people, as well as equipment and products.

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