Case Study: Cosatto

Green Energy Solutions for Sustainable Business


Cosatto is an award winning manufacturer of push chairs, high chairs and car seats. They are based in Manchester have a global reputation as an industry leader. Cosatto are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and have been actively seeking ways to incorporate renewable energy solutions into their operations.

The Challenge

Cosatto faced rising energy costs and wanted to transition towards a more sustainable energy
source. They were looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solution.

The Solution

After a comprehensive assessment of Cosatto’s energy needs, our team recommended the
installation of a state-of-the-art commercial solar PV system. The system was custom-designed
to maximise energy production while minimising environmental impact.

Key Features of the Solar PV System

Capacity: 50 kWp

Components: High-efficiency solar panels,
advanced inverters, and a robust flat roof and
pitched mounting system.

Location: Multiple rooftop mounted
installations were strategically chosen to
optimise sun exposure.

Monitoring System: A sophisticated real-time
monitoring system was implemented to track
energy production and identify any performance
issues promptly.


Energy Independence: The solar PV system now covers 42% of Cosatto’s energy needs,
significantly reducing their reliance on the grid and providing long-term energy cost stability.

Environmental Impact: The system reduces CO2 emissions by over 8 tons annually,
equivalent to planting over 395 trees each year.

Financial Savings: Cosatto is projected to save over £10,000 per year in energy costs, with an
estimated payback period of less than 5 years.

Positive Brand Image: The transition to renewable energy has garnered positive attention
from customers, stakeholders, and the community, enhancing Cosatto’s reputation as an
environmentally-conscious industry leader.

Maintenance and Support: Our team provides regular maintenance and performance checks to ensure the system operates at peak efficiency. A 25-year warranty covers the PV
modules and a 7 year warranty covers the inverters.

KAST offers 1 year workmanship warranty as standard that can be extended to 5 years along with a yearly servicing package for peace of mind.

The implementation of the commercial solar PV system has not only met but exceeded the client’s
expectations. Cosatto’s manufacturing now stands as a shining example of sustainable business
practices, demonstrating how solar energy can be harnessed for both economic and environmental

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