Why Should Landowners & Farmers Take Advantage Of Using Land For Solar Farms?

Additional Revenue Stream Operating a solar farm on their land can provide farmers with an additional and steady revenue stream. This can be particularly beneficial during seasons or years when agricultural yields are low due to factors such as weather conditions or market fluctuations. Farms can generate incomes for the landowner in the region of […]

Investing in Solar: A Crucial Step for Commercial Landlords to Achieve a C Rating by 2027

As concerns over climate change intensify and the global community calls for reduced carbon emissions, businesses are increasingly expected to adopt sustainable practices. For commercial landlords, this transition is not merely a regulatory requirement; it represents a strategic opportunity to enhance their properties’ value and attractiveness through environmentally friendly initiatives. Among these, investing in solar […]

Harnessing Sunshine: How Solar Panels Are Revolutionising Car Dealerships

In recent years, the drive towards sustainability has propelled various industries to seek environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional energy sources. The automotive sector, known for its significant energy consumption, is no exception, with car dealerships increasingly turning to solar power as a viable solution. This adoption of solar panels is not just a nod to […]

Cultivating Sustainability: The Benefits of Solar Panels in Agriculture

Cost Savings and Energy Independence The incorporation of solar panels into agricultural operations marks a significant step towards cost efficiency and energy independence. By reducing dependence on grid electricity, farms can circumvent the unpredictability of energy prices and the hefty utility bills often associated with traditional energy sources. Solar energy offers a sustainable and economically […]

Case Study: Primary School

Green Energy Solutions for Sustainable Business Background This Primary school wanted to become more green and less reliant on grid-supplied energy as their energy costs were increasing year on year. They wanted to ensure that any investment made would benefit them for decades to come. The Challenge Facing rising energy costs, they wanted to transition […]

Case Study: Vista Engineering

Green Energy Solutions for Sustainable Business Background Vista Engineering is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of builders metalwork suppliers and of builders metalwork. Manufacturing everything from wall ties, windposts and masonry support systems through to angle beads and joist hangers, our range offers exactly the type of products and quality your customers demand. Reducing their […]

Case Study: Wickman

Green Energy Solutions for Sustainable Business Background Wickman is a global supplier and manufacturer of multi-spindle lathes, designed to produce medium and large volumes of extremely precise, high-quality components for all parts of the world. With offices based in the UK, Brazil, USA, China & India, they are a true global player. Reducing their carbon […]

Case Study: Derby Business Park

Green Energy Solutions for Sustainable Business Background KAST’s client is an established Business and Entertainment Centre based in Derbyshire. Based just outside Ashbourne, they have a great local reputation from families and business alike and being an important part of the community, reducing their carbon footprint and making a sound financial decision was equally as […]