A look back on 2020 and why 2021 will be a great year for renewable energy.

2020 was a year full of challenge and difficulty. We learnt to work from home and cherish time with loved ones, as well as learning to save money and spend less. With such a negative year, its important to look to the positives of 2021 and why not start with renewable energy? There are many reasons to be positive about clean energy for 2021 and below are some reasons why.

 A green recovery for Businesses

Scientist have proven that 2020 was the joint top hottest year on record, despite the slowing down of society due to COVID-19. Even though the world came to a holt, CO2 emissions still continued to rise.

Renewable energy – solar panels

Despite the pandemic, businesses have taken the chance to adapt to current climates and make a conscious effort to help the environment. It is becoming more apparent that businesses are making the transfer to a more sustainable outlook to do their part.

Take Rowlinson Knitwear for example. Rowlinson are a B Corp status business in Manchester that took COVID-19 in their stride by installing renewable energy (KAST Solar PV). Not only are they helping towards a green recovery, they’re saving money with Solar. Businesses as such show promise in doing the right thing for the planet as well as influencing others to do the same.

Job Creation Opportunities for green energy

With many losing jobs due to COVID-19 in 2020, Clean energy could be one way to improve employability in 2021. According to the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), 18 million jobs could be created by 2030 in the green energy industry. There is potential to triple the number of jobs in comparison to investing in fossil fuels. So, not only does installing renewables have environmental benefits but economic value too.

Money, Money,Money

In recent years, there has been a significant price drop in renewable energy and it continues to fall. Estimates from the BEIS claim that onshore solar and wind could be half the cost of gas by 2025. Alongside this, Solar is now the cheapest source of electricity in history! This means more people are likely invest in renewables like solar to save money.

The power of  Biden

Paris Agreement – renewable energy

Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris agreement was no headline anyone wanted to read. However, Joe Biden ensured that one of his first tasks would be to get the US back in the Paris Agreement. To no surprise, the new President ensured the US were back on track to re-join the Paris agreement on the first day in office. He joins 189 plus countries in limiting global warming and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Biden has also spoken on blocking the XL pipeline which would cause extreme damage to the US’ climate change battle. The US is the second biggest CO2 emitter in the world so it is important that projects like this are controlled or halted.

Want to make 2021 your year to save on energy and help the environment?

At KAST we want to make 2021 your year to help the environment and start your journey into renewable energy. KAST offer a range of products to suit you and your property. From Solar PV to Voltage Optimisation, our specialists can help you save money and do the right thing for our planet.

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